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Beyond Better Development

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What We Do

Beyond Better Development is dynamic business dedicated to empowering people towards excellence in communication, relationships and interpersonal skills. The company is founded on the core values of integrity, quality, and excellence, and is known for its inspiring and entertaining presentations.

Beyond Better Development motivates participants by educating and equipping them with knowledge and skills for personal development, enabling them to achieve a higher potential in their life and work. The greatest growth and positive changes are generated internally, as opposed to the external implementation of programs, procedures or expectations. Extraordinary results can occur when individuals and organizations embrace their uniqueness, live their values, and focus on their purpose.

Barbara White, Director of Beyond Better Development, incorporates her passion and knowledge for facilitating growth, development, and creativity into every presentation. As a professional, her credibility comes from being able to personally ‘walk the talk’ and not just relay information. Barbara brings to the table years of experience in education, leadership, and management, both in Canada and the U.K. Barbara is an entrepreneur; she loves to learn and take on new challenges.

Barbara's presentations reflect a wealth of life experience, insight, practical steps and solutions. She is known for her natural communication style, clarity and sense of humour. Barbara is a member of The Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, The International Federation For Professional Speakers and Toastmasters International.

Barbara White is a certified facilitator in “Personality Dimensions”, a temperament type assessment indicator. An understanding of the uniqueness and diversity of personality styles has significant applications in a number of interpersonal situations such as leadership and management styles, sales, team building, communication, relationships, styles of learning, as well as personal awareness and growth. Barbara presents highly interactive and enlightening workshops creating 'A ha' moments for participants..


Some of Our Clients:

A.C.S.I. Western Canada Teachers Convention

Accenture (Best Buy)

Park University Enterprises Inc.

Ministry of Children,Families and Social Services (Ontario)

Ernex (Division of Moneris)

Department of Justice, Canada,

Agency Chiefs Tribal Council (Sask.)


Tri-City Chamber of Commerce

Self Employment and Entrepreneurial Development Society

Kinsmen Regional Conference

North Vancouver School District

Newton School District

Stroud Christian Fellowship, U.K.

West Coast Christian Fellowship, Canada

beyond better development

Empowering People Toward Excellence

Beyond Better Development