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Discovering and Celebrating Your Uniqueness E Book

This E Book could change your life! If you have lost a sense of Who You Are as a person, or feel like you are stuck in a rut in your personal life - this book is for you! This book will help you get back on the right track that leads you closer to your dreams and your life's passion. Click here to Discover and Celebrate your Uniqueness.

Daily Quotes to Inspire Living Beyond Better E Book

This E Book contains a compilation of motivational quotes to help inspire you to implement positive changes every day that result in a living Beyond Better life style. The book contains a quote for every day of the year (with an extra quote for leap year!) Click here to find out more about Daily Quotes to Inspire.

Beyond Better Speaking

I highly recommend Tom Antion’s Wake 'em Up Video Speaking System. It is Awesome! It is a comprehensive resource that covers very important aspects of speaking techniques. Not only does it include videos, but great books and CD’s on speaking and also some extras. You can buy all these separately, but its way better value to get the entire system at once. The ‘Make ‘em Laugh how to Use Humor’ CD set for example is excellent. I have bought the entire system and have learned so much from it. I keep referring to it and learn something new every time. You don’t need to be making money at speaking to get value from this system ( but you could by the time you’ve used it!) It’s full of excellent practical techniques and can be valuable at whatever level of speaking you are comfortable with right now and will take you to the next level and beyond better!

Click here to find out more information about Tom Antion’s Wake 'em Up Video Speaking System.  You can also get great speaking freebies from Tom’s site. It’s worth checking out.

Patricia Fripp is an amazing speaker. She has a dynamic fireball personality, with a wealth of expertise and experience to go with it. I was totally impressed by the excellence of her presentation which I attended recently at CAPS. Her website is full of resources and many free public speaking articles. http://www.fripp.com/publicspeakingresources

Toastmasters International

I also recommend joining a local Toastmasters Club. You can find out about clubs near you by visiting their website http://www.toastmasters.org/ or looking in your local paper. Joining Toastmasters is a great way to learn to overcome your fear of public speaking and learn great techniques. You will have the opportunity to practise public speaking in a friendly, supportive and encouraging environment. There are many different programs you can persue that improve your ability not only in speaking, but in leadership skills and chairing business style meetings.


This site has a wealth of free articles as well as products. Doug Stevenson has an excellent reputation, and his materials are used by professional speakers.


Other links to check out for story telling:





“Make ‘em Laugh: How To Use Humor in Presentations” is a six tape or cd album that is excellent for anyone who has to speak in public, or present information to a group. Tom Antion, a former stand-up comedian, gives you techniques that are easy to incorporate into any presentation. All effective presentations contain humor and this four and a half hour album is a goldmine of practical techniques that are easy to implement. To check it out click here

Patricia Fripp’s website has a large section on humour for public speaking.

Another great resource is:


Speeches for Special Occasions

Click for more information:

Wedding Celebration Toasts

Wedding Celebration Speeches

Great Wedding Receptions

Instant Eulogies

Other Speaking Resources

Greatest American Speeches

Another source to listen to famous speeches:


Resources for Speech writing





Need Help with PowerPoint?

This is a great resource for help with your Power Point Presentations


Great Books to Inspire you to Live Beyond Better

The One Minute Millionaire

This book impacted me when I read it recently. It’s written in a unique style with the main principles on one page and an interesting story on the other page containing the same principles and how they were implemented. Not only does it contain practical ways to make money through multiple streams of income, but great principles are demonstrated for successful living in many aspects of life. The book also illustrates how effective mentoring can help you achieve your goals. Click on the banner to get not only this book, but much more for a great deal. You couldn’t buy the book alone in the store for this price.

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