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Moving on into Life and More Freedom

New Year is a time when many people reflect and evaluate their life and look forward to implementing changes to move towards a better lifestyle. New Years resolutions are often made as people try to deal with the external aspects of their life, for example, bad habits, better lifestyle, or improved relationships.

Reflecting on life and making plans for improving life is a good process to work through anytime, whether it be a new year or not. However, one of the reasons many people fail quickly  putting their good intentions into action is because they don't understand a very basic principle.

There is a foundational truth that underlies all change, which is, that in order to embrace the new, we need to release the old. If you want to go forward in your life, you need to let go of the things in your past that will impede or even prevent you moving on. This can be likened to trying to walk forward while looking backwards; progress is less than satisfactory.

This article explores some of the reasons why we should look at freeing ourselves from negative aspects of the past, in order to move forward towards our dreams and goals.

In life bad stuff happens. It is, unfortunately, a fact of life for everyone. Majority of people don't realize however, that it is their response to the events in their lives that have a lasting impact, not the event itself.

When something bad happens, it is natural to go through a time of remorse, regret and sorrow. However, in order to move forward you need to arrive at a place where you consciously make a decision to let go and move on. This involves making a decision to stop re-living and dwelling on that event over and over again in your memory. If you don't decide to move on, those events and set-backs in your life start to become your identity.

By continuing to dwell on events and set-backs a door is opened for resentment, hurt, grudges, self pity, excuses, and bitterness to take root in your heart and life. This starts to build walls of separation. We think we are protecting ourselves, but we are not. We are, in fact, shutting other people out of our lives, resulting in becoming increasingly alone, isolated, warped, and imprisoned by our own bitterness. It is these walls that keep our dreams and good intentions from coming to pass.

The key to unlocking the door of our self made prison is forgiveness. We do not have the power to change the past whether it be events or situations. Forgiveness cut us loose and frees us to move forward and create a new future.

Forgiveness is not just about the other person. Very often we need to forgive ourselves for our mistakes and disappointments and let ourselves off the hook too.

As you move into a new year, I encourage you to let go of the things that are holding you back. Stop carrying that extra baggage-set yourself free to make a new start. Forgive people who have hurt you; let go of the things that have been done to you. Get bitterness out of your life! Forgive yourself, and then let it go. As you move forward into the new year, free of old baggage, you will start catching glimpses of fresh hope and of a new future.


By Barbara White

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