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Purple Flame Media - inspiring media resources that communicate effectively to target markets.  Journalism and new media technology and skills combine to bring you high quality DVDs, CD ROM and videos productions, television news, features and documentaries. Visit us at www.purpleflame.com

Inspirational E cards from 123 GreetingsDo you know someone who needs some encouragement or inspiration today?

Great Audiobooks Online A large selection of audiobooks for all interests. Download and 'listen on the go'

Motivational Magic Motivational Speaker Richard Saldan will rivet your audience to their chairs with his stunning professional magic. He seizes their attention, and then create lasting change in their lives. Richard's workshops and seminars on peak performance coaching will motivate your people into action with an event they'll long remember!

Self Help Zone A Place for Self Improvement and Personal Growth

A complete source of information on self help, self improvement and personal growth. It has over 500 articles on personal development, covering topics such as self confidence, goal setting, motivation, success and finding your purpose in life.

PPP Retirement Plans Ever thought about the "creative" part of your retirement plans? This site is dedicated to the men and women who are retired but wish they weren't, and to those who, although years away from retirement, have given little or no thought to the creative aspect of retirement. Backed by the power of positive thinking, Build a creative, productive and profitable retirement plan based on your work experiences, hobbies and lifestyle

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beyond better development

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beyond better development