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A Great Fundraising Opportunity!

This could be a great and easy way to make some money for your organization or association and have your people edu-tained Beyond Better at the same time.

The Plan

Your organization would sponsor an event by providing the location and snacks. You would promote the event to your members and contacts, and Beyond Better Development would provide the event Edu-tainment.

Your organization would share the gross profit from the admission price of the event after expenses* (see below). You would receive a 25% for paid attendance of up to 20 people and a 50% share if we go over 20 paid attendees.

If only 30 people attended and paid $30 each, your organization would make $450 in 2-3 hours!

Beyond Better Development would provide a promotional package with information and flyers for the event and include some promotional sales tips as well.

Take your Fundraising to the next level!

Tel: 1 888 936 7834 or Email:

*Expenses would include
Cost of meeting room, beverages and snacks
Cost of A-V screen, Flipchart etc
Reasonable travel expenses if location is over 20 km

beyond better development

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beyond better development