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Daily Quotes to Inspire Living Beyond Better

Most people have a desire to be the best that they can be, but the journey towards living life beyond better can seem long and daunting. The changes we would like to see in our lives sometimes seem far beyond our reach that discouragement can easily set in and we give up because it’s too hard. This feeling can be compared to a climber at the base of a rugged rock face straining upwards to see the summit and not even being able to see it! How will the climber ever get there? He will reach the summit one step at a time. To think of the climber making the top in one big jump is laughable! Why would we even entertain the same expectations of ourselves in our aspirations to have excellence in our life?

Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better." Pat Riley

As the climber tackles the rock face one step at a time, so the same applies in our personal journey towards excellence. If each day we consciously try to apply one small thing to improve in our lives, we will see gradual progress in living Beyond Better. A small thing could be an attitude, a thought pattern, a word or action, even something we choose to stop doing!

This is where Daily Quotes to Inspire Living Beyond Better can really help you! It provides you with an inspirational quote every day which helps you to focus on a small area in your life that you can choose to improve on during that day. As you take these small steps each day you create a new habit, which can become part of your lifestyle. Did you know that it only takes thirty days to form a habit? Daily Quotes to Inspire Living Beyond Better is a great tool to use to enable you to be intentional in living better every day.

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How often have you suddenly realized how fast days have slipped by, even turning into weeks, and nothing significant has really happened? You seem no further forward, and you have become lethargic. By purchasing this E book you can be inspired and motivated by the insightful words of famous people who have succeeded in making progress towards excellence in their lives. These people have achieved great things in their lives by striving to make their lives better one day at a time. They persevered through often difficult circumstances, pursuing their life goals. Who better to encourage you when you feel like life is getting too hard. Their inspiring words can lift your eyes off your circumstances and look again at the bigger picture. Their words can envision you towards your life goals and encourage you to keep going. If you need a shot of motivation read a month’s worth of quotes at one sitting!!!

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How much would a powerful motivational tool be worth? To be motivated and coached towards your life goals by a professional once a week for one month would cost you several hundred dollars. The profound words of wisdom in this E book originated from the mouths of MASTERS!

Daily Quotes to Inspire Living Beyond Better contains powerful words from famous people all over the world. Some quotes are so deeply profound that they have been remembered and survived over many centuries. Their value is priceless!!!!

You, however, can have access to these gems of wisdom for a minimal cost. If these quotes are used as a motivational tool they can transform your life. The E book includes suggestions of how to use the quotes effectively to bring about the changes you desire.

You can download Daily Quotes to Inspire Living Beyond Better right now and start today to let these quotes impact your life.

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